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My company stick to good faith, pragmatic, innovative business philosophy, adhere to the principle of seeking truth from facts, adhere to the honest responsible attitude, the client's success is our goals, the client's satisfaction is our target,no escuse to provide client with goods which has attractive and reasonable price. 
☆ Pre-sale service----Professional comprehensive pre-sale service, provide direction and guidance for your investment.
◇ Introduce my company's condition and product category 
◇ According to the local market demand of buyer, and guide the user to select product category
◇ According to the demand for production and investment scale, and guide the user to select products
◇ Accompanied by on-the-spot investigation production site and production process were introduced, and solve problems
◇ According to the actual situation, make feasible investment plan for you
☆ Sale service, meticulous rigorous sale service, make your choice more worry and reliable.
◇ Review of the contract, the contract for both sides talks things over to an unknown place or of problems, for confirmation or correction
◇ According to the requirements, production instructions, arrange production

◇ Real-time tracking fire equipment production progress to ensure timely delivery of the goods 

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