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Main Parameters
Fire pump adapter is special fire-fighting equipment for high-rise building water supply matched with fire motor pump,which is mainly to solve the problem of insufficient water pressure of high-rise buildings and ensure fire water of high-rise building.It is a set of supporting fire facility for high-rise buildings,which is designed on the basis of “Fire prevention code of high-rise building”. Its role is to supply water and exert pressure for fire service inside the buildings when the fire pump truck passes through the interface of adapter,in order to supplement pressure water sources of firefighting equipment other fire extinguishing inside the buildings,put out fire of different floors,and resolve the problems of fire extinguishing of high-rise buildings or inadequate water supply or situations which can not supply water due to low hydraulic pressure if indoor fire hydrant water supply pipeline in the buildings.
Ground fire pump adapter and multi-purpose type pump adapter;hydrant body an interface have obvious goal above the ground,which are easy to use;underground fire pump adapter is installed under ground,which is not easy to be damaged and especially suitable for cold regions.

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