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Main Parameters



1. Large flow and long range spraying.

2. Used for direct current spraying as well as atomizing.

3. Flexible and convenient operation.

4. Function of horizontal and pitching rotation.

5. Function of self-locking

Place Installation

Petrochemical enterprises, oil fields, oil tank area, oil transport ports, hangar, ships, museums, exhibition halls, and mining enterprises, etc.

Using Operation

1. According to the actual need, adjust the fire monitor to the direct current spraying or atomizing function. Clockwise rotate the nozzle hand wheel to the highest position of monitor, it’s in the state of direct current spray. Rotate back in the place, it’s in the state of atomizing(factory set).

2. Shake the hand wheel and adjust fire monitor and its head, aim at the fire and spray. Get rid of the remaining water from the fire monitor after use, to avoid frost crack in the winter.

3. Working pressure ranging from 0.6 to 2.2Mpa. When adjusting the flow, don’t rotate too hard to avoid head damage.

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